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On the surface, the INFJ and INTP personality types may look very different.INTPs are often characterized as “the inventor” type. INFJs are often called “the counselor” type and are represented by famous historical figures such as Nelson Mandela.We our still very in sync with eachother, I know till this day the bond we have wil always be there.I would prefer to spend a tad more time with other people.

All times are GMT There has been a dating intj that found that a dark sense of humor may indicate high intelligence on both verbal and non-verbal scales. INTPs by contrast may have a more open handed attitude towards finding a mate but generally speaking, they do not go out of their way to find one.

While it may seem like Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela are drastically different people, if their type analysis is true, these world-changing men have a lot more in common than many would think.(What’s your personality type? Drenth of Personality Junkie, INFJs and INTPs are sometimes called “the golden pair.” These two types have the potential to be highly compatible in both friendships and romantic relationships.

We recommend this free personality test.)As an INFJ personality type, I really enjoy spending time with INTPs. Here are four reasons why INFJs and INTPs are highly compatible as friends and partners:1.

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Daniels I’ve talked about a few of the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types before: the ENFP and the INFP.

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