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Allow yourself to break free of that structure, and look at running and training as more of a fluid cycle than a rigid plan. Running is no exception — tracking helps reinforce the habit, especially when you’re trying to get back into it.An interesting method of tracking I learned from Leo of Zen Habits is that of simply marking down a “1” when you run, and a “0” when you don’t. NMA’s resident running coach just gave you the thumbs-up to stop running.In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a different sport or cross-training. For example, after a tough race experience where the hills beat me up, I took on a 4-week vertical gain challenge. You can always go back to what’s comfortable, and you’ll likely be a better runner for it.You could: Or any other activity that you’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t had the time for because of running. I’ve used run streaks, speed workouts, and strength exercise challenges all to keep me motivated and improving. The suggestions above are big — some very big — changes to the way you train or think about running. That’s when I come across this crazy helpful writing tip snippet pinned to The Writer’s Sandbox.

Sure, there may be optimal training schedules for certain distances, but rarely is your life in an optimal place for training. (Matt’s Tip) When it comes to goals and routines, you’ll see a lot of benefits from tracking your results. Feeling guilty that I’ve spent more time blogging about my story-writing goals than actually pursuing them. So I should write about 10 thousand words today to make up for it, right? Because it’s been forever, and that means I have a lot to catch up on. This mistake never fails to result in a period of prolonged laziness. (Doug’s Tip) Training plans tend to follow a specific structure: Long run on the weekends, a workout or two mid-week, and a few recovery runs. When you’ve followed a plan like that for any period of time, it begins to feel like that’s the only way to maintain your fitness.I’m not saying that as soon as you cross the finish line of your half marathon, you need to start training for the next. And when that structure breaks down for any reason, motivation breaks down along with it. For awhile, I no longer had the time (or energy) to get out for my daily run.

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And how could I hold my arms up that long without getting tired? Instead, fate took my resistant hand, forced me into bed, and said “There dummy.

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