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Over the years several women have written me to tell me reading this site has helped them understand the actions of a shy guy they were pursuing.With that in mind I thought I'd try to be even more helpful and write a whole article outlining what it's like to be a man who's really shy and inexperienced with women.I spent my early and mid- twenties however I wanted: I bought a home by myself, I went to concerts alone, I backpacked through the mountains with pals on weekends.And I had casual sexual relationships with men and women whose company I enjoyed.It is somewhat ironic that Evan posted this letter shortly after the post about choice addiction.Would the OP feel more confident that this man would remain satisfied in the bounds of marriage if he had a promiscuous past? In fact, not to disparage the OP in any way, but I wonder why a person with her history would suddenly be interested in marriage.

Now, he might sometimes tease me that I’ve been with more girls than he has, but we both agree that numbers don’t matter and that the past is the past.He’s satisfied with what he has right now, a kinky, hypersexual woman who wants to marry him. Try taking “yes” for an answer and enjoy your life with this shy, devoted guy. He sounds like a man who WANTS to commit to one woman and stay that way.Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but such a man is more likely to remain faithful IMHO compared to a man with a promiscuous past.I have heard many times from men that they could never marry a girl who had a higher number of sexual partners.Do I need to encourage him to take some time to be a little promiscuous before he marries me?

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