Indian lovers bollywood forums indian dating is tom welling dating kristin kreuk

And I feel I can say that being both white and hispanic myself. whats worked for me is to be my indian self and wear my indian clothes, my bindi wateva. I mean the guy has good grammar and, from my point of view, his opinions are sensitive enough for the demographics of his particular target audience. I said that he seems (to me) to be a crass douchebag.Guys like polish, finesse, education and genral aesthetics. So i love dating men of all races and they've never had a prblem with MY race. lol Indian guys/pakistani: they like slutty girls for hanky panky but always lookin for a homey one for a relationship. That's different from saying "he is a crass douchebag", and had I intended to say that, I would have.I could never find Pakistani/Indian men attractive. You see while some cultures flaunt and reveal beauty, others reserve it for the one who owns the beauty, so to speak.At my current job, they all prove to be assh*les one after another (both men and women), and that alone causes me to not find them attractive in any way. Originally posted by Dolos I find women of any ethinicity can be attractive..they care about how they look they often are.Originally posted by Quiero Mota My opinion of Indian women is that they're either really fine....they're really the other way. Pretty much sums it up in a nutshell, and I'm Indian. It's just in Middle-eastern culture they are required to cover up a lot their body.Originally posted by 2D_MASTER I feel the same way about black/Hindi women, it's a question of personal ascetics really. Originally posted by Victor Von Doom What are 'personal ascetics'? Hahaha well it's pretty easy to refrain from doing something you're not interesting in doing in the first place. I imagine this is because of the male populace and their perception of the beauty of the female body.I beleive thier is beauty and ugliness in ALL races. Don't make ludicrous names for other countries (it just makes you look stupid) and nobody would say anything about your own. I mean the guy has good grammar, and I would consider his opinions, in the way they're presented, to be sensitive enough for the demographics that this site caters to.

You can say it's all taste and not racism, but inherently this thinking leads towards racism and bigotry. I love my romantic movies but I am also a die hard movie fan... Originally posted by rotiart Physically I can see it... It's the NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan, not Pak Army. Practice that in real life, then maybe, MAYBE you'll b worth having a conversation with. Originally posted by Omega Vision The main difference as I see it between misogyny in India and in Pakistan is that in the former it's de facto whereas in the latter it's de jure. Originally posted by Lord Lucien OKQz5CO-1s I Spammer! I wouldn't even say that misogyny is a myth in urban parts of the Netherlands. Also having bills passed does not translate to better conditions automatically. If you look at the law, they're not abysmal when it comes to women's rights, but it's quite obvious that the situation on the ground is very different. Originally posted by Omega Vision That's an incredibly broad, audacious statement.

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Well lets all be honest here do any of you guys find Pakistani/Indian men or women attractive?

Have any of you guys ever dated an indian/pakistani chick or bloke and have you gone on to have a serious relationships, marry them etc and do you have friends that are pakistani/indian?

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Some people would call that "racist" I call it my preference ; I like pale/fair skinned girlies. A possible problem in seriously dating an indian lass could be her parents though, they have odd traditions. You see while some cultures flaunt and reveal beauty, others reserve it for the who owns the beauty, so to speak.

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