Inconsistent behavior in dating

Again, you're being controlled by her manipulation. mildly annoying, but nothing to lose your cool over.

Not all behavior changes indicate your spouse is cheating but, it pays to pay attention and if you are suspicious dig deep into why your spouse is acting so strangely. Your spouse becomes concerned about his/her appearance.

How to Handle Women's Flirty Displays Women's Flirty Displays are directed at your PRIDE.

The key to handling women's Temper Tantrums is in dealing with women's disapproval.

If your spouse shows no interest in intimacy with you, it is also normal to wonder if he/she is getting sex somewhere else.

In some cases where a physical affair has turned into a love affair, the cheater may refuse sex with their spouse out of feelings of guilt and not wanting to "cheat" on their affair partners.4. He/she may be less tolerant and short-tempered with family members.

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