Hyun bin and ha ji won dating 2016

I hated him when he was Wang Yo in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Watching K-dramas is not my thing unless some actor or actress is worth my time but THIS is THE GUY . But there is still some hope for him though because he may not have a good acting skill but he is not that sucks. hahah his face is totally a someone-from-idol-group face..

He is trully a great young actor, multi facets and able to do all kind of charracters. He could not make role in Her Lovely Heels to be as charming as it suppose to be but his handsome face help a lot, thanks lord!

Every word every expressions when you smile or when your eyes full of tears..... In The King in love ammazingly he can alter to a sweet loving n a true gentleman. And they also starred in a drama known as vampire idol.. When I first saw your photo I said to my sell W\HOA..

His face and all his being depicted the wicked and cruel King. Good luck handsome ;) He really reminds me of Kim woo bin ....like twins or something... Still looking forward if anyone will give him a chance and hands him a major role. Fighting and more dramas to come : D Very promising actor, I've seen him in Hero 2012 drama , 1 episode, he was brilliant in a role of deaf character,too bad they killed him off for the sake of story,but well i was kind of captivating presence on screen , of course he's really handsome as well but it wasnt so exploit in this drama, looked more like a cute ,neighbourhood kid, thats why he got my attention. i was fooled for a while thinking maybe he's from some group..

And one day she met a strange guy on train and she was asked to one night stand with him. Moon Chae Won acting was adorable, she's both cute and beautiful. but I think that this film was saved by main actor (Chae Won and Yeon Seok), They're very well match in their role. I f you want to watch a great melodrama film, don't choose this.

Her role is such a ' Tsundere' girl who always talk against her mind. His role is a smart guy that always know his crush's mind. But if you want some funny and cute film, try this.

Afterwards, she adopted the stage name Choi Ji-woo.

His potrayal as Wang Rin make me ship him with San so hard. I first watch his film was Wild Romance even though I watched it because of Lee Dong Wook. please watch his other dramas variety shows and movies to the people who think he is scary..this was his first time playing an antagonist and he did it well...i almost watched his dramas and movies i saw him growing as an actor... i knew him when he was a mv model in epitone project. I first saw Hong Jong-Hyeon in the the music video "No Answer" by Hong Dae Kwang. I started watching this drama, and when I saw his profile, that music video popped back into my memory. I see I have a lot more to learn about his acting skills.

I like his apperance, this is mixed between cute and manly. And please don't get hitched publicly I saw the BTS photos of Hong Jong Hyeon in his upcoming movie Meet in Laws: Becoming the Police Family Son in Law I like the way he treat Jinseyeon he's a gentleman and thanks for his supporters they support the team-up of jong hyeon and seyeon I'm feel good for their movie Hong Jong Hyeon fighting!

We can not deny he has a really gorgeous looks and sexy deep voice but he needs some improvement for his acting skills.

: DD Omo O.o He's so handsome, when I viewed this my expression was like " Ohhhwahh, and I was like oh he appeared at white christmas that's why he's familiar and oh he's still young? ~ I love WILD ROMANCE He is now acting in an episode in Wild Romance he appeared in ep 6 of it but he isnt acting as lead or anything else if you like to see him check him in this ep and you may like the lead actor too.

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