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SEE ALSO: [RECAP] Identity LA 2018 and Exclusive Interview with Headliner Hotel Garuda She announced on her Twitter on May 28, "Since some time ago, I've been feeling like this platform is a bit small [to express my thoughts]....I'm still unfamiliar with it, but I have started a blog...

Hyori Lee – One of The Most Beautiful South Korean Female Celebrities Birth Name: Lee Hyori Date of Birth: May 10, 1979 Place of Birth: Cheongwon, South Korea Nationality: South Korean Occupation: Singer, actress, Model, designer, dancer, television host Height: 5 feet 5 in; 166 cm Measurements: 34C/D-22-34 Famous for: Hyori aka Lee Hyo-ri aka Lee Hyolee became famous as a member of the successful pop girl group Fin. The year of 2003 was “The Year of Hyori” in South Korea due to the fact that she was constantly in the news.Please visit a lot~^^."Lee Hyori started her blog on the 27th and has already posted a multitude of beautiful photos taken with her husband as well as animals, which she's known to have a soft spot for as an animal rights activist.Otherwise, it seems like she is fully enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of her home on Jeju Island. Hyori debuted as the leader of 90s K-pop girl band, Fin. She started her music career in 1998 as part of the girl band movement that was taking South Korea by storm. They were one of the biggest girl bands at that time and Hyori was naturally appointed the leader, being the "Beyonce" of the group. Shortly after, Hyori planned her first solo album which later became one of the biggest successes in her career. Hyori doesn't just love animals, she is an animal activist and fights for their rights.Imagine TLC meets Spice Girls and you got yourself Fin. In her heyday, Hyori was the highest paid female singer in Korea earning approximately US.2 million per year. She is a member of civic group Korean Animal Rights Advocates and has been involved in a series of self-started campaigns.

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Her Instagram is back up too - the star is starting from scratch with 482,000 followers (@hyoleehyolee) and climbing.

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