How to succeed at speed dating

On the living room table: fresh grapes left out just for me by his wife of eight years, Eun Young, who is at work.

At forty-four, Eun Young is a South Korean immigrant and the horticulture manager at Randall’s Island Park on the East River, a position she’s held since 2006.

Eun Young is responsible for the existence of the first rice paddy in New York City, the island’s urban farm and an extensive perennial garden there as well.

The doting Sebazco speaks highly and seriously of her character as well as her accomplishments, though his tone takes a sarcastic nosedive when it’s time for digs at his wife’s heavy accent.

Next to the Hutchence piece there’s also a one-of-a-kind ENI Puzzle that is filled with only yellow and black tiles, which Sebazco arranged in the likeness of the Batman insignia.

He then slides another into the new empty slot, and then another. As the boy starts to mess around with it a little, his friend, clutching a plastic bag, asks Sebazco, “Are you giving out any free samples?

” “Unfortunately, no,” he replies, unwittingly prompting the boys to scurry away. Sebazco recognizes the ENI Puzzle has undeniable similarities to the Rubik’s Cube, which has been called the world’s best-selling toy with more than 350 million sold while making a millionaire out of its inventor, but he disapproves of the comparison. “The beauty of [my] product is that it has no solution. They can conceive their own patterns, but they also have to figure out how to line the tiles up to make the pattern look right.” Sebazco recently launched a new tagline in helping to market the puzzle that reads: “Not your father’s cube.” Another lone passerby — a bearded man in his thirties wearing glasses — is compelled to stop and give the display a once-over. That’s great for the train,” he remarks to nobody in particular and continues walking.

In front of Sebazco’s display, a couple of boys who might be fifth graders approach the puzzles. He’s holding the puzzle comfortably between his thumb and index finger, though he isn’t entirely sure what to do with it. The cylindrical toy is covered with eight columns, each with eight tiny colorful tiles — red, orange, yellow, green, navy blue, light blue, purple, and brown — that run up and down the shaft.

However, there’s one empty slot that allows users to slide an adjacent tile into it.

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