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Luminescence thermochronometry determines the timing and rate at which electrons are trapped and thermally released in minerals, in response to in situ radiation and rock cooling.Erosion histories can be inferred by translating rock cooling rates into an erosion rate using knowledge of the Earth’s thermal field.

Indian art in its purest form is Yoga, a disciplined style of worship and self-restraint that may also be thought of as India's oldest indigenous "science." Shiva, the " Great God" of yogic practice, visually represented as "King of Dance" (Nataraja), is the most remarkable single symbol of divine powers ever created by Indian artistic genius.

There is a holistic quality about Indian art, a unity of many forms and artistic experiences.

Like the microcosmic universe of a Hindu temple, they help us to climb from terrestrial trails and samsaric fears.

Now, however, promising results from calcite luminescence dating have been achieved from an unexpected source: the opercula grown by certain species of snail.

Coupled with innovations in luminescence imaging systems, snail opercula offer an exciting new approach that may finally unlock calcite’s potential for dating.

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