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It expands your horizons in terms of quantity — and possibly, in terms of quality.

“Online, you have more potential options to meet great people you otherwise would not find elsewhere,” he tells me.

“In a society in which we are often too busy to take a break …

right way — without it being a total waste of my time and energy (or a source of stress).The catch: There’s no guarantee having so many choices is actually a good or productive thing.“Psychologists refer to this as the ‘Paradox of Choice,’” Selterman explains.“Anthropologist Helen Fisher has called these ‘introducing sites’ rather than dating sites,” she tells Yahoo Health.“She believes they’re just a new way for people to do what they’ve done for millions of years: Look at a person to determine physical attraction.”" data-reactid="47"According to modern-dating expert Susan Walsh, founder of the popular relationship site Hooking Up Smart, the Tinders and OKCupids of the world aren’t reinventing the wheel.

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“Anecdotally, I was busy with graduate coursework and teaching full-time, so going to bars was not an option for me,” says Cohen.

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