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The concepts of baes and benching aren’t new to love and relationships, but because of social media (and texting, and swiping, and emoji), now they’re camouflaged by strangely innocuous words that make dating culture even harder to navigate.Read on for the slang you need to know if you’re on a quest to find your OTP. Bae: Bae refers to your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other, or object of desire — whether real, in progress, or aspirational.But don’t let that convince you that either of these is a good idea. Ghosting: Ghosting is when you’re dating someone and it’s moving along quite nicely, and then all of a sudden, the other person cuts off all communication and completely vanishes from your life, both real and digital. Haunting: When someone who has ended things with you reappears every now and then to like or interact with your social accounts (e.g., watching your Snapchat story), you’re being haunted.It’s a way to break up with someone without having to tell them to their face, and it’s savage AF. Having this ghost of relationships past still lurking around in the ether causes you to be paranoid and anxious like that little kid in who just wanted to stop seeing dead people. Love Bombing: Love bombing is when someone lavishes you with attention, future promises, and grand gestures quickly and early in your relationship, to the point where you are immediately smitten with them.Singles intentionally look to couple up during this period because it provides extra body heat and (hand)cuffing someone to you during the holidays means you don’t have to endure all those awkward family gatherings alone.

Page Six sources spotted the couple kissing in Montauk over the July Fourth weekend.

It’s the perfect time for people to evaluate the pool of potential mates for someone they can bunker down with when cuffing season rolls around. No one likes having the “talk,” but it’s definitely better than that awkward moment when someone you thought you friendzoned changes their Facebook status to “In a Relationship”… FWB refers to platonic friends who mutually decide to hook up without crossing over the dating line.

Just like sports drafts, there are a lot of players involved, and it’s usually very confusing. DTR: DTR, or Define the Relationship, is the conversation you have to address the elephant in the room during the early gray stage of a relationship — are you two… And NSA is when two people (friends or not) decide to get involved physically but without committing to anything more, like a relationship or those pesky things called feelings.

A rep for Agdal — who recently split with Leo Di Caprio — downplayed the relationship. “They were with a small group and kept a low profile.” Also at Surf Lodge for the Kranium performance were designer Maxwell Osborne, Simon Huck and Peter Brant Jr.

Agdal and Brinkley-Cook were also spotted at Serafina East.

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With more athletes competing in the summer Olympics, the average still worked out to 42 condoms per athlete.

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