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When batch updates are enabled, the Updated Row Source property value of the Data Adapter's should be set to None or Output Parameters. Insert Command = New Sql Command( _ "INSERT INTO Production. The data provider and the back-end database server determine which SQL constructs are supported for batch execution.

When performing a batch update, the command's Updated Row Source property value of First Returned Record or Both is invalid. Product Category (Name) VALUES (@Name);", _ connection) adapter. An exception may be thrown if a non-supported statement is submitted for execution.

When batch processing is enabled, multiple rows are updated in a single database operation.

Row Updating is generated before the update occurs, and Row Updated is generated after the database update has been completed.

Defines the core behavior of authentication providers and provides a base for derived classes.Product Category table, and an integer representing the batch size (the number of rows in the batch). The code creates a new Sql Data Adapter object, setting its Update Command, Insert Command, and Delete Command properties. An application can create a Sql Dependency object and register to receive notifications via the On Change Event Handler event handler.Encapsulates the information Sql Client sends to SQL Server to initiate the process of attesting and creating a secure session with the enclave, SQL Server uses for computations on columns protected using Always Encrypted.

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