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Pulley mounted at the floor to hold a rope or cable in position and to reverse its direction.Floor blocks meant for rope often incorporate a means of adjustment to accommodate changes in length due to loads or environmental conditions.At least one conductor must be used as a grounding wire.In this system the curtain and counterweight are balanced so that the curtain can be raised and lowered manually with a minimum of effort.A weighted bar is held above the upper batten of the fire safety curtain by a hinged mechanism.The hinged mechanism opens when the fire line is released, so that the weighted bar slides down the center lift lines to rest on the upper batten.A heavy ball that is attached to the end of a fire line and wrapped around the fire safety curtain operating line to prevent closure of the curtain.

(1) An opening in the gridiron designed for the attachment of loft blocks so that lift lines can pass through it.A drum for holding hose or various types of electrical cable that winds using springs or a motor.The hose or cable is connected at the hub of the drum so the connection to other systemsis maintained as the drum rotates.A medium carbon steel bolt that has been quenched and tempered for increased hardness and tensile strength in accordance with SAE Specification J429.The heads of bolts rated as Grade 5 have three lines at 120º intervals on their heads.

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