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I just wanted to provide some counterweight to people rapping on text messaging while glorifying face to face conversation.

It was cumbersome, a kind of popup email, but new and fun, and ICQ featured a message history. Furthermore, having on-screen reference to recently written lines helps along the communication in several ways.

I think this trend has been going on ever since television addiction became a social issue, of people ‘wasting their time’ on their own as opposed to being socially active.

It is the reigning (conservative) way of viewing human contact, to a point that everyone can’t feel but a little guilty or ashamed that, when asked where you were last saturday night, you have to answer “behind the computer”.

[4] Context Face to face conversations happen everywhere and anywhere; on trains, in living rooms, in hallways, during sex, in waiting rooms, in fox holes, under shields while suffering a rain of Persian arrows and so on.

What these locations and situations have in common is that the people involved are unlikely to have an internet terminal standby to look up extra information regarding a conversation topic.

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— There are likely other unique advantages instant messaging offers to the realm of conversations that I haven’t thought of.

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