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While completing her master's degree, she published a 2015 academic article titled " I Am Super Straight and I Prefer You Be Too." Reynolds studied media coverage of Craigslist casual encounters ads for her 2017 doctoral dissertation , and found several patterns: About 50 percent of the news stories focused on sex crimes or sex work, and an additional 20 percent covered law-enforcement efforts related to the site's personal ads.But Savage is concerned that this new legislation could "imperil the way we date now," especially when the SESTA-FOSTA bill hasn't even been signed into law and already seems to confirm the fears of many who opposed it. "The fact that Craigslist personals are dying at time when the American public is actually becoming less tolerant of LGBT people worries Brandon Robinson, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of gender and sexuality at the University of California at Riverside.He deems the bill a "classic shoot-yourself-in-the-foot sex panic.""What's going to happen when sex workers move to Ok Cupid or Christian Mingle or Farmers Only? "Anybody can go anywhere on the internet and put up a personal ad on a million different apps and sites. Robinson, who uses gender-neutral "they" pronouns, has studied how queer people's lives are often shaped by the internet."There are still very real consequences - such as loss of family ties and employment discrimination - toward people with same-sex desires and attractions, especially if these desires and attractions are known," Robinson told me.That incognito world, complete with its own erotic lingo ("str8," "BBW," "dom," "BB," etc.), has given Reynolds a virtual window into the intimate lives of strangers."Most of my friends are queer," said Reynolds, who also identifies as queer.

Even so, gruesome news stories of murders , rape and, most recently, fathers trying to sell their children for sex have only increased the sketchy reputation of the site's personal ads. "Whether intentionally or not, mainstream journalists catalyzed a moral crusade."That "crusade" culminated this past Friday in Craigslist's deletion of all of its personal ads, save for missed connections.

Planet Out co-founder Tom Rielly told Salon then that "people thought a third of all their rooms were gay." And at the time, AOL had some 16,000 chat rooms - one reason so many users nicknamed it "Gay OL." Before online chat and gay-specific social networks (such as and, in the 1980s there were Usenet newsgroups (the earliest known example was called " soc.motss ," short for "members of the same sex").

And even before the internet began connecting LGBT people in novel ways, personal ads had played a significant but little-known role in the history of queer romance: Personal ads allowed same-sex couples to meet covertly while avoiding criminal punishments that could, in some cases, end in death.

The overwhelmingly negative coverage did not seem to jibe with what she had discovered in her review of hundreds of Craigslist personal ads, posted from 2005 to 2016 in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

"My research shows that most Craigslist sex forum users were normal people seeking to explore their sexual desires with strangers online," she said.

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