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This ended our friendship and I started dating her for three months.Then she cheated on me and fucked him a few times behind my back.

Just then a guy came around the corner and we made eye contact. My daughter Kidada calls me LL QJ—Loose Lips"), but it doesn't really seem to stem the flow. Sinatra and Ray Charles, them motherfuckers invented partying." Jones shows me the ring on his little finger. I said, ' Oh, my man's got some pimp shoes on.' And he heard me." and Bono said, ' Quincy said he had some lovely loafers on.' [Bono]'s a great guy. Someone once compared his omnipresence to Forrest Gump's; Jones has heard this one, but he prefers a further twist on it: "the Ghetto Gump."He worries often that he'll say too much ("I always get in trouble, you know. "He had on some burgundy wingtips, man, with thin tan rib socks, man. And when I kissed his hand, I looked down and saw those shoes and it just fell out of my mouth.""""He said, Ya but only if we keep our underwear on.""""So I said, OK.""""As soon as the sheet was off, Marvin climbed on top of me and started to playfully hump and touch me underneath my pajama top... We're doing ten movies, six albums, four Broadway shows, two networks, business with the president of China, intellectual property. And the curiosity's at an all-time high.""Yeah, but I came up with Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra, man. When we meet, celebrity sexual harassers are falling like dominoes.

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He rubbed it in telling me how he nailed her from behind bent over the back of my couch.

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