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But that's all typical horror-movie stupidity, as is logic like "Let's run out in an open field where we'll be safe!

Besides being racist himself, Scotty is homophobic, as he shows Izzy Bohen (Travis Schiffner), who's suspected of being gay (they call him "Izzy or Izzn't He?

Jeepers Creepers 2 has a bigger budget, which means a bigger cast, longer running time and more (sometimes better) effects.

That's not necessarily all to the good, as money is no substitute for imagination in filmmaking, and a lack of money sometimes stimulates the imagination.

He's the father of the blond boy the Creeper carried off in the beginning, and he's loaded for bear– or whatever.

As he's done for centuries, the Creeper replaces any of his damaged body parts (like a robot) with those taken from his victims, whom he chooses because he likes their scent.

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