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Use social media and bring it up at social gatherings. The other day, I started thinking about how much time we spend getting our nails done, our hair done, sometimes getting our eyelashes done, getting spray tanned and all the other primping things we tend to do. This is just a funny reminder of how silly we get over things.

I’m not saying men spend their time any more productively, but what if we gave up on some of our beauty appointments, and went to a library or Barnes and Noble. It’s kind of like the law in Vermont that makes it illegal to whistle under water. When people make a big deal out of small issues, it can look a bit absurd, right?

When it comes to how we view ourselves as women, a slight shift in perspective can change the way we carry ourselves and the opportunities that we think might be available.

The way we speak about ourselves and our capabilities needs to be a language of support and confidence, not one of secondary importance in the working world.

It’s a very interesting and thought provoking read to say the least.

A book called ‘The Intention Experiments’ by Lynne Mc Taggart covers scientific experiments done by Ivy League schools that deal with the science of thoughts.

All the more reason to get our partners on board with taking better care of their health.

We have the opportunity to affect the lives of the men closest to us, whether it is our family, children or partners.

Let’s not be mad at men for following the cultural trends of meat and potatoes, but coax them to adopt more healthy lifestyles so we can grow old together and enjoy eating at the same restaurants.

A lot of times, the first thing that pops into women’s minds when we hear this, is that it will make dating harder.

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