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For guidelines & rules about abductions & auctions, contact group owner.Home Invasion Games - Semi-scripted adult roleplay experience.Use a gender-neutral name if you like to go back and forth; gender-switching is very casual in Second Life. Sexual Predators & Prey Roleplaying - A group for discussion about forced/violent sexual roleplay between adults.Kidnap Roleplayers - Club for arranging kidnappings, for fun and something different to do.Members consent to participate in "forced sex" encounters within the group's general rules.Invasions are arranged, and discussed, online via the group's official website Home Invasion Games. Database Victims Group - Group for those being tracked by the VGS Stalker/Tracker Database .Below are clubs & places that were hosted in-world in past years.

Mystical Realms was built to connect role-players of all skills and styles worldwide.

In its purest form, its a cooperative story created between participants.

Even if you have never played a role-playing game before, you are still welcome to join.

We Believe in sexual freedom no matter how inventive your fetish! German Forced Fantasy Roleplayers - German talking role-players who like to include forced sex play into their character life.

Eine Gruppe für deutschsprachige Rollenspieler, deren Spiel (!

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