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A more recent devotee was Peaches Geldof (13 March 1989 7 April 2014), the daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. When one follower asked Peaches if Crowley was a Satanist, she replied saying, "No, it has nothing to do with Christian ideas like Satan or Jesus at all." And when others made references to his less appealing traits, she leapt to his defence, saying, "All the stuff about him being a Nazi sympathiser and a racist was lies made up by the press who hated him. was nothing short [of] miraculous and he was a beautiful writer and thinker too, as well as magical practitioner." Crowley's followers agree, saying he was a highly influential thinker and writer in the field of western esotericism and counter-culture. The above list of celebrities openly displaying their interest in Aleister Crowley, his philosophy and works is far from exhaustive, but it certainly reflects the continuing and increasing following in his legend .....

While she seemed to have beaten her drug habit, her fascination with the occult, in particular the O. He would also just say controversial stuff purely to subvert people's perceptions of him in the media. In 2002 he was ranked 73 in a BBC poll to find the greatest Britons of all time. Crowley is now regarded as a misunderstood, mystical genius, or alternatively, a depraved charlatan, a prophet for an era of spiritual enlightenment or a satanic harbinger of the Anti-Christ, an agent for the sexual liberation of mankind or drug-addicted pederast.

He could have learned about Crowley from Barry Miles at Indica Books, a co-founder of the underground newspaper, International Times, which received so many letters from hippies about Crowley that they devoted an entire page to the "Great Beast" in October 1967 (click on the image to the right to read the page).

After all, if the hippie readership of the International Times was this fascinated by Aleister Crowley, then why wouldn't Lennon be similarly interested?

The only problem is I probably don't have enough time left - woe is me, I should have begun my collection in 1967 when he came back into fashion! This is Frater Spiritus' reply, for which I thank him for taking the time and trouble: Dear Brian, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law I do recall being informed that there were indeed plans to edit and publish a revised edition of 'The Confessions of Aleister Crowley'.

Jimmy Page ran The Equinox Bookshop in London, which specialised in Crowley's publications. (she had a tattoo of OTO on her right forearm), began during her short-lived marriage to Max Drummey (an American musician from the band Chester French), and ran alongside previous fascinations with the cult of Scientology, and Judaism, the religion of her husband, Thomas Cohen, lead singer with the London band S. She posted a photograph of Crowley's Magick - In Theory And Practice alongside his slogan 'Do what thou wilt' on a social media site, praising him as a 'beautiful writer and thinker', and had previously urged her online followers to read his 'super interesting' books.

He also owned Boleskine, Crowley's 'manor' on the banks of Loch Ness, for twenty years between 19, and has a huge collection of Crowleyana including books, manuscripts and robes. Aleister Crowley, caused some concern to her family.  Her interest in O. Although her marriage to Drummey failed, Peaches' interest in Crowley's teachings continued, but it was an interest that worried her family greatly.

He rapidly became the 'patron saint' of Hippies and Flower-power children, his former places of residence becoming shrines for their pilgrimages.

The inclusion of Aleister Crowley on the sleeve was probably Lennon's idea.

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