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She relayed: “Their ringleader was saying really dirty things in Italian and making his friends laugh.” “When he was asleep, I hid one of his shoes and made him get off the plane with one shoe on.

She confessed: “I’ve had passengers bang on their meal trays because they couldn’t have the meal choices they wanted.” “It’s never first class, it’s always business class where the people haven’t quite made it, but they think they’ve made it.” “We had one guy who was really horrible to my friend.

You couldn’t really feel them.” “Then we sewed them up.

We knew he was going to Barbados, so it was going to be hot and would stink.” In another instance, she got back at a group of rowdy Italians who were making pervy comments about her.

She said: “We always meet celebs and A-listers, my friend got asked out by a married footballer whose wife had just given birth to twins back from the World Cup.

“I serve someone in first class the same as in economy, people — if they are really famous — they like you to be really normal or they freeze up.

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