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“You need to be on the same page, and both have the emotional intelligence and capability of resolving problems, including talking about your feelings versus your thoughts,” he said.

Securing the happiness and well-being of companionship is a top priority among many single Americans 50 and older and an important part of living a rich, full and enjoyable life at 50 plus, said Craig Davis, AARP Oklahoma associate state director.

To help its boomers, AARP in February launched AARP Dating (org).

Members, including about 50,000 Oklahomans who are single and in their 50s and 60s, can get discounts and free trials.

That infamous date took two cellphone calls during their time together, helped himself to her soup at dinner, chose which movie they'd see (dismissing her input that he'd requested), and — worst of all — used her powder room, after asking for reading material.

We take current photos and verify their ID, or that the person is who they claim to be,” Allis said.

Ninety percent of first dates lead to second ones, Wardman said.

“My favorite part is you'll have a lot in common,” she said.

“We both laughed about how we found the other attractive, but not in a way we'd ever experienced before,” he said.

Most importantly, boomers should seek partners with common interests and values, Solin said.

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