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hieh peptide) 01" pej)loids wcre being buill.11 Sioce chere lire 20 poss Ible amll10 accd~ and ooly foor n Ucleolidc: ~. Ilached al each ammo acid a'C pans of the s Ubstt Ule nooting In the sol ution will be t OO far from the beads 10 cause any nuorcsccncc.

Onc of the carl i CSI Iypes IIf chcmical cncoomg was the auachmenl of o Iigoouc leotides (usually IIngle'Mrdnd DNA) .n beads OIl .... the cloning and expression of mammalian receptors in microorganisms.

• IIOI:'b~OIt, dd K.iun, Th'$ bcg 'n~ ""II g~""l1Ilml a III; I """",ninillhe e"Urc hhnlry as I single ""'l Ure. Cllllc·· f ...,h",,, Ih~1 ali""" '" hu Ic: · roo Ic synthe!

The presence of f1l Klf"CSC1:f ICC implies that the lesl compound inhibi ted the enl.}nl C. nntage of SPA O\'er filtration is lhat no fillering of the solution is needed, so bcads can be: lidded din::ctly 10 the assay Il I.

No put of l I1i, borofessor Emeritus Phann Jt COlogy and To Jdeology Universily or Ariz OIla Tucson, Aril Ona /. uor of Medicinal Chrmistry IIOI" composed Orttle hydrocarbon ~id C' chains of the amino l ICid~ ::0 I , , " , I R-N-M-O " " 1._.

Ctl, and from the coor· dinille", tile intrumolecular di'larx:es bet ......:en .... he acti\e site can be estimated, Fil1un: 2-18 contalll S the , igmfic Pnt componelll S of a hypotheucal acll"C Sile. the di SUUl CC' between amino acid rc.,iduc.~ lnu Sltalc into accoum the fact that each rc.'sitluc: is ahovc Of belo .... For an ilnlfl Clal ligund to "dock:' or fit into IIw:: ~i te. In sel CC1illg potential ligunds, c.1ndidatel might include D Pll'il ti"cly charged residue (protooated anune).

As dramall C as the llbo\'e e1i:lffip~ of stereoo;elec1J\ l I y may be. Keeping in mind the prott.k'n L~ of finding the "co..

uil:l h y J\t ilbe~trol C:l Iists in Iwo fi~ed stere Ql Orner. This can be tlone clther by dcgr.iding lbt protein or by obtaining the nucleotide cveral diffcrent chemical das~s and Subl. CUSSIOli of isostcrbm in the ne)( t st(1) TIle first Step is to colllert the trudlhonal 01" histoocal t .... inlo three-d Imensional structum;; whose inlramolecular tli Slarx:c~ an: known.

excn::tlon, and t OXICity (Am.l ET) propel1l CS has been cov· en::d ru; well.~' ~""illonl~compound VIRTUAL (IN SILl CD) SCREENING Virtual. ~nmg refen 10 lhe u:soe of computers 10 predict whcth~r D compound Will ! ity on the basis of its two-dimensional (20) or Ihree· dimensional (30) chemical ~rucl Un:: or 115 phy SICOChemical propertie~.

Wc II.at1 by se'''''',nl random IInnlls of Is and Os 10 seoomc Each slrina is mea~urctl for .

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