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Some of these policies, such as torture and extraordinary rendition, are no longer officially condoned. Through litigation and advocacy strategies, the National Security Project responds to specific government measures and also strives to educate the public and shape the law so that the courts, Congress, and citizenry can serve as an enduring check against abuse. We also seek accountability and redress for the victims of abuses perpetrated in the name of our national security.

But most other policies—indefinite detention, targeted killing, trial by military commissions, warrantless surveillance, and racial, religious, and other forms of profiling—remain core elements of U. These are the ways to rebuild American moral authority and credibility both at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg continue to throw barbs at one another in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the latter branding previous remarks made by Cook as “extremely glib”.

“Consumers should take an active role to protect themselves.

Keep an eye on statements and look for fraudulent charges.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember what a charge is, especially if the name of the transaction is unfamiliar.” It continues to be a tumultuous year for the cryptocurrency world as we face into the second quarter of 2018.

Co-founders of digital currency Centra, Sam Sharma and Robert Farakas, were arrested on 1 April, a day before the US SEC released a complaint against the men and announced that the project would be halted.

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