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Last night, the Mail’s findings sparked anger, with critics saying money had been ‘squandered’.Mark Littlewood, of the Institute of Economic Affairs think-tank, said: ‘Not only is it outrageous that hard-earned taxpayers’ money is being frivolously squandered on stays at plush resorts and pricey restaurants, these revelations smack of brazen hypocrisy.‘The financial constraints of the NHS is made all the more depressing when we see how carelessly the money is being spent.The health service came under huge pressure this winter, with A&E attendance, waiting times and admissions reaching alarming levels in England.Patients are being denied hip replacements and cataract surgeries and GPs have been told to stop handing out common prescription drugs.

The BMA believes levels of demand and activity this summer will mirror winters of two or three years ago.Staff also went on six bowling trips and to a cocktail bar in Bristol.Meanwhile, the NHS is facing its worst funding difficulties in its 70-year history.NHS England, responsible for day-to-day running of the health service, issues the cards to only a handful of staff.But the MHRA gave them to 266 workers and allowed them to pay for meals, snacks and their laundry if they travelled or worked long hours.

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