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People whose communities are bombed and bulldozed fire rockets back. Not more weight than the grieving relatives of the families butchered in Shejaiya, but the kind of weight that hangs heavy on the heart, and that comes with the small but palpable risk of upsetting your family. I think my ancestors who were persecuted, tormented and exiled down the centuries for being Jews would be horrified to see what is being done in their name today.Maybe it’s crass to put words in the mouths of your dead relatives, but right-wing hawks have been putting their opinions in the mouths of my dead relatives for weeks, so I think I’m entitled to a say, too. Not blood as metonym or metaphor, but the actual stuff, wet on the faces of screaming children in Gaza.Ayelet Shaked, of the far-right Jewish Home Party, went further, posting on her Facebook page that the mothers of Palestinian men should “follow their sons [to hell] . We must have a compassionate reading of Jewish and Israeli history to understand where that disturbance comes from. Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world marched to express their disgust at Israel’s air and ground assault on the Gaza Strip, and among them were swathes of Jews and Israelis.Over 20 centuries of faith and survival, the Jewish people have been persecuted, forced into exile, tortured, traumatised, ridiculed, harassed and finally murdered in their millions, and that matters – it still matters, to the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who survived, including me. Countries formed in response to genocide expand their borders with murderous intolerance. This is one of the few situations in which it makes a difference to stand up and say: not in our name. Being Jewish, or having Jewish roots, doesn’t make you responsible for what is happening in Gaza, but it does mean that your dissent carries that much more weight.Their bodies could not be identified because their parents, according to Sharif Abdel Kouddous, a journalist for the magazine, were already dead.Israel’s continuing assault on Gaza has claimed hundreds of Palestinian lives and has created 81,000 refugees.And it hurts like hell to hear hoary old words of hate trickling through a movement that is about justice, about freedom, about protecting some of the world’s most persecuted people.It hurts just as much, however, to hear right-wing Israelis tell Jews around the world that the violence is for us, for our ancestors, for our children.

On a morgue slab in Shejaiya in the Gaza Strip a few days ago lay two anonymous children, a boy and a girl.The families of the young Israeli soldiers killed on the front lines of a conflict they didn’t create are grieving, too.That doesn’t change the fact that the casualties are disproportionate.I should support it, according to many Zionist opinionators, because I am half Jewish.They tell me that those children had to die so that my future children can be safe. Does it matter what Jews, and people from Jewish backgrounds, say about Gaza?

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