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He was a renaissance man, capable of lecturing on literature, history, Western and Eastern philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, ecology, shamanism, chemistry, biology.He had insight into our collective experience as technological creatures, and predicted a future world of virtual reality and simulation.Travel Hotel across from the Hotel 88 on Mangga Besar VIII is really well known.A lot of people recommended this place to me before I had the lay of the land. On either side of the floor there are couches with lots of local women.A fair amount of his lectures are collected online here, and on You Tube, and the .Mc Kenna advocated for the “legalization of nature.” He thought it was dangerous to forbid access to any plant medicine.He passed away in 2000, but I wish he could have been here for the Oculus Rift.He was a storyteller, a feminist and an environmentalist.

The Thai chicks ask too much for me though since they look like soapy massage retirees.It’s not the best but I can see why it’s so well liked. The managers have a good grasp on things and can make your stay pleasurable. There’s a kind of strip club on the ground floor that looks like the one in Malioboro. You can take them upstairs into one of the nice private rooms for only 335,000 Rupiah.You can take one of the many ladies to a nice private room for 350,000 Rupiah. It’s also the cheapest other than Terminal 2 even though it has all the amenities. The dancers are a lot more but the prices are still reasonable. One floor has full service massages for a half million Rupiah.I remember thinking his voice sounded extra-terrestrial. Here’s a quote from the lecture, which will hopefully be blurbed on the next jacket cover of , a podcast hosted by a friendly man named Lorenzo.It had hundreds of archived talks given by what seemed to be a community of people dedicated to psychedelics, and to a counter-culture movement of sorts. It was like I’d missed out on a grade level or college degree.

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