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After all, Siri is always working, always available, ready at any minute to provide assistance with a positive attitude.Assigning female characteristics to these AI personalities may seem innocuous, but it has some serious implications.has an in-depth exploration of why the market for these kinds of products is dominated by men.In a Pew Research study canvassing experts in technology and robotics, Giga Om lead researcher Stowe Boyd predicted that sex with robots will become prosaic by 2025.Still, many companies are developing technologies to meet the demand for robotic companionship.That demand is largely for female simulations, which may also have something to do with the gender imbalance.

AI may be in its nascence, but the feminizing — and sexualizing — of machines isn’t a new phenomenon.

Studies show that women who wear makeup are perceived as more competent at work, and everywhere in the world women spend more hours grooming and working (in the home and outside of it) than men do.

Maybe these social norms make it easier to believe in a female virtual assistant.

Why, then, are the majority of the personalities we construct for these machines female?

Assigning gender to these AI personalities may say something about the roles we expect them to play.

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