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It is based on a common heritage: We both come from a distant galaxy far away and feel ourselves to be stranger on a strange planet.

We both need kinship, communion, and nurturing; we both need occasionally to go mad with an earthling; we always come back to each other.

It did not begin as a sexual union but it has outdistanced my most passionate love affairs.

The roar of outrage that greeted Shere Hite's assertion that 70 percent of American wives married more than five years are unfaithful just goes to show how against American values this notion of "open" marriage is: Americans idealistically imagine their marriages closed.But with maturity, couldn't one find another way of loving?I can imagine two deep friends and soul mates, two travelers from a distant asteroid (of the mind) reunited on this planet, whose bond was so deep, so abiding that they dared to experience other loves and even share them with each other.He is a gondolier who wants to be a famous artist; she is a famous artist who wants to be (or love) a gondolier. And so we come to the question with which we opened: "Are you faithful, darling?" Perhaps the answer should be "yes—I am always faithful to our marriage." Then comes the inevitable dilemma of whether one can be faithful to a marriage and bed others.

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Romantic love is by its nature delusional, brief, a madness; married love is pragmatic, enduring, sane.

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