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due to license) but already downloaded ~ unstable package Slotted packages are packages where different versions can be installed at the same time.Using To enable just to the current version, it is wise to do it as show above.Gentoo is (per default) always compiling the source.It would be possible to install rpm's or deb's, but this is highly not recommended on a Gentoo system, since it is highly probable that this would cause a conflict with the Gentoo package management database.It happens that packages depending on the ones you like to install fail during updates and you like to re-emerge such packages manually. If you don't use these options, then the world file collects all trouble packages and you will not get rid of them in the future. Unfortunately the same verb mask is used for two different things and creates therefore confusion.Except you unmerge them or delete them manually in the world file. To avoid that the term hard mask has been introduced.Masked packages are known to have troubles, this is why they got masked by the Gentoo developers.

You as system administrator can just (soft) mask them.

Set the key board layout at boot and then open the gentoo handbook and copy and paste the commands from the handbook into the console.

To be root do With efi and gtp questions arise how to partition the disk and how to boot.

To allow automatic compilation and installation Gentoo has introduced ebuilds, that contain all necessary tasks to make those steps.

Ebuilds can be considered as packages, but instead of having the actual binaries and data inside, they hold the information where to retrieve the source and how to create a binary.

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