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At the time Norton had already established himself as one of the world’s leading actors, following up his Oscar-nominated debut in . “He said relationships are hard work and you have to keep redefining them.” Clearly these words have struck a chord, because the description that Norton gives of Springsteen could today be applied to the actor himself: Norton brought his Canadian film producer wife, Shauna Robertson, and their son to the Locarno Film Festival, where the actor picked up a career achievement award.

He’s also more than fulfilling his quota of being human, having helped set up Crowdrise, a not-for-profit crowd-funding website for those raising funds for charitable causes, as well as being on the board of an affordable-housing scheme, and is supporting several environmental causes. Last year he was elected the chairman of the board of trustees for Signature Theatre, the not-for-profit arts organisation that gave Norton his first high-profile Off-Broadway role in Edward Albee’s , in 1993.

Whereas before my ambition was almost unilaterally focused on acting, it’s not any more.”.

He believes that the Obama presidency is improving with time: “Between Iran, Cuba and last week’s climate announcement on carbon emissions, significant things are happening.

His grandfather, the philanthropist James Rouse, championed social housing. He thinks the greatest artistic endeavour of recent times was not a performance or a film, but Radiohead asking fans to pay what they want for their albums. “I don’t know that I would politically pin myself down in that way.

Director Milos Forman could not decide between him and Jim Carrey and left the decision up to the studio. He cites a Lawrence Grobel Playboy interview with Marlon Brando in which the actor said that he found being asked his opinions on world affairs almost as ridiculous as the fact that he actually answered them.Norton doesn’t share that belief, unless he’s in a situation where journalists seemingly just read questions from a list and are not listening or responding to the answers he gives.It’s also why he’s happy to receive prizes such as the career award in Locarno.He says of the need to express approval of artists: “It’s a feeling I get when I watch Jacques Audiard films.

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When I walk into the interview he despairs at the state of media today, especially what he sees as the commodification of news and sports journalism.

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