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The ONS said the high death toll was a result of a fashion for heroin in the last decades of the 20th century, and ‘heroin users often have a range of complex physical illnesses as a result of long-term drug use, which may make them particularly vulnerable to death from drug misuse.’The past few years have also seen a flood of scientific reports which have established links between cannabis and serious mental illness and violent crime, and pointed to the reality of a ‘gateway effect’ onto harder drugs for cannabis users.

Anti-drug campaigners warned against efforts to change the way people think about drugs by sanitising the way people talk about them.

An additional shot shows a young woman, assumed to be under the influence of drugs, being dragged out of a police car while frantically kicking and screaming.

Meanwhile, one of the narrators comments: 'If he is lucky he dies early - maybe from an overdose, maybe from an infected needle'.

Publication of its report, Countering Prejudices Against People Who Use Drugs, was Sir Richard’s second intervention in the drugs debate within a week.Especially when that person has so much potential in life. It doesn't matter if it's daily use, it's disguisting and will more than likely end up there.thankyou kimber.I seem to find the guys who lie to themselves , in turn are compulsive liers and then turn on the girl. I only knew him for a short time period, in a few short weeks he resorted to doing it 5 times, took money from me, and other matters i cant really say.The film illustrates the stark contrast in attitudes towards drug addicts between the era it was made and today.Though the use of narcotics can be treated as a criminal offence, there is also a growing consensus that it should be regarded as a health issue.

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