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The devil knows from past experience that when a Christian is fully surrendered, God works even more miracles in the lives of His people. And it's not like this challenge only confronts us once or twice a week.He has a relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, but he also has a relationship with a particular sinful obsession.It is a mental obsession and distraction, and it may even have a physical aspect. Until we part ways with that thing which is "stabbing at Jesus" all the time, we continually find ourselves in a state of inner turmoil.The temptations for compromise are going on around us all the time.4) You are led by the Holy Spirit, except when that other issue is driving your thinking.The Spirit-led Christian is not giving into compromise. Sin, on the other hand, increases the desire to give into temptation again and again. And so you end up double-minded, at least until you repent and "come clean" before the Lord and His cross.5) You only experience real peace in your heart when your mind is under God's control.

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Instead, he or she is focused, filled, and flowing in the living water of the Holy Spirit. There is no peace for the believer who is going against his conscience and against the Word of God. You feel pulled in the direction of your obsession, rather than gently led down the flowing river of God's grace and peace. ,17) And it's a battle that doesn't stop until our soul leaves our body at the point of physical death.

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