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And more often than not, it is the woman who decides to leave.From the sound of your question (given her complete lack of interest), is it possible that your wife made the decision to leave the relationship a long time ago, and you are just now having to deal with her decision?After we had separated 7 weeks I decided to write a letter to my wife telling her my feelings towards her and to make a proposal to try and reconcile our relationship and suggested we meet to talk about this or at least to explain to me what had happened to her love for me if she could not re-kindle her love for me.Again all I got back was a text message saying she had nothing to discus and was very distant to me when I phoned her.Seek professional guidance if you have reason to believe asking for a divorce could endanger you or your children.

Unfortunately, if your wife has been planning this for a long time, then there is probably little you can do to change her mind.When divorce occurs later in life, it is usually the result of couples growing apart over the years, or it involves a couple that never really belonged together in the first place.And late life divorce is becoming a growing trend (see late life divorce).Thank you Unfortunately, your story is all too common.Most couples get divorced after 4 to 6 years of marriage or they wait till much later in life, usually right around the 25 year mark.

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Her actions towards me don’t make sense and I can only think she I hiding a secret from me like she has found another man.

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