Dion phaneuf and elisha cuthbert still dating

Though she’s come a long way since she first began to pick up steam in the early 2000s, her looks have kept pretty well – which is more than a lot of her compatriots in the entertainment industry can say.Going by this picture over here, it doesn’t tale Elisha all that much to look her best.It’s calmed down a bit but she was a pretty big name once upon a time.These days she seems completely content with supporting her husband and looks to be doing well as a prime hockey WAG.You really have to appreciate how good Elisha looks right now, but there’s no beating how she absolutely stunned when in her prime.Here we see Elisha showing off her perfectly toned body in a skimpy olive colored bikini and a nice little white skirt.A quick selfie is all she needs to show that she still has it. From her demeanor to her style, Elisha just looks fantastic.

But being a famous celebrity there are bound to be more than a few things out there in regards to Elisha that Dion would rather you not see. Being an actress, Elisha is a pretty versatile performer and can wow you in a number of ways.She definitely has the features and charm necessary for the profession and if this Instagram post shows us anything it’s that Elisha was meant to have the camera on her at all times.She’s long moved past the classic girl next door look we came to love her for. Elisha really came into the spotlight following her role as Danielle in the 2004 romantic comedy “the Girl Next Door”.Elisha – though not her best performance – really propelled herself into the spotlight in this sultry role and it would solidify her as one of the most popular ladies of the 2000s.This shot here gives us a look back to a time where the hype surrounding her was just starting up and really shows us just how great she looked.

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Of all the pictures of Elisha you can find online, this is one of the most stunning.

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