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Webmin not starting because of authentication seems weird to me.You can't authenticate until it's running so it not starting because of incorrect password seems unlikely...?!By control i mean providing and revoking access to applications using webmin pannel.Thanks in Advance Besides it sounds like you aren't using Turn Key Linux?! The configuration console and web management interface were introduced in the latest release, along with some other goodies... Note that our news release regarding the usability improvements is from October.Ok the new version don't give access to update management on port 12321 and login port 12320, only 3 port are open https on port 8443, minecraft on port 25565 and SSH/SFTP port 22, is there a way to access update management like in Mine OS Dedian linux 7Mine OS is a third party appliance which we don't have anything to do with.

So I suggest that you either post on the support forum of your OS, or perhaps on the Webmin support forums?The default bit-length in the inithook [1] which regenerates the SSL certificate on firstboot is set to 1024.I tested regenerating the certificate as well as increasing the bit-length, and I don't see any keygen issues. If you have any other questions, just ask - thats what the forums are for.having already installed to the hard drive, and booted from the hard drive, I don't receive the configuration console. Webmin is listening on port 100, so give this a try: Is it possible that you are using the old version of lamp (which doesn't have the configuration console or webmin)? The version you are using is the initial launch release in September, which didn't yet include the configuration console or web management interface. Webmin =~ Admin Console). point your browser to https://appliance_ip:10000 and log in with user 'root' (default password is blank). " at and I can login via SSH at but I don't get a response at Thanks John The configuration console "should" be launched no matter if the system is installed or running live.

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