Depressed dating

We give spoons left, right and centre, to everyone that we’re dating (and to our friends and family as well).

Because what’s the point of dating if you’re not going to be supportive of the people you’re seeing?

If you haven’t heard the term before, allow me to explain, because chances are you’ve experienced it before. But instead of doing any of this, you just keep scrolling through your phone.

In some ways ED is like locked in syndrome - where everyone thinks you’re brain dead, but you’re actually completely aware of what’s going on. Consciously you know what you need to do, but your body won’t actually follow through.

But you know what’s hard to do when you’re depressed? Of course, I have the luxury of a primary partner who is there for me when I’m depressed, so this isn’t the same as being depressed and dating while single. To help explain what dating with depression is like, I’m going to have to explain a theory.

Some of you might be familiar with it already, so I apologise if I butcher it too badly.

Because you think I’m just a normal person who complains a lot about completing simple tasks, or just doesn’t bother doing them.

Yesterday I called in sick to work because I looked across the room at where my pants were and I knew I couldn’t make it that far without bursting into tears, falling to the floor and pathetically trying to crawl my way out of the house on all fours.

But to avoid confusion with actual intercourse, let’s stick with spoons for now.

If you’re dating people and they want to see a movie with you, or take you to dinner, or even just come over and have crazy sex, it all costs spoons.

And to be fair, for most of us in relationships like this we will happily give these spoons!

I have spent time just blankly staring out of my lounge window at seagulls, and been completely aware of the fact that I was meant to be at work an hour ago, but been unable to do anything about it.

ED is often the root cause of procrastination, where you know you need to get an email written and might even feel mild panic about doing it, but you just...don’t.

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