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In the end, more than 60 people were sentenced for long prison terms, including seven people sentenced for life.

No one has seen them since the time of their arrest or trial. This unprecedented crisis prompted 10 OSCE participating States to invoke the Moscow Mechanism, which allows concerned states to investigate and address serious human rights problems taking place in any OSCE state.

The international human rights Campaign “Prove They Are Alive!

” and a group of more than 30 civic activists and relatives and friends of victims of enforced disappearances in Turkmen prisons, living in Turkmenistan, called for an application of the OSCE mechanisms of response to human dimension crises, including the Vienna and the Moscow Mechanisms in respect of Turkmenistan at a side event of the 17 Winter Meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Vienna.

It has been the strongest ever OSCE engagement in the human rights situation in Turkmenistan.

The OSCE Moscow Mechanism Rapporteur for Turkmenistan, renowned French expert Dr.

Unfortunately, this could not save those who were already missing in Turkmen prisons.

Under andre verdenskrig ble denne nasjonalkulturen omfavna av okkupasjonsmakta, som forsøkte å bruke den aktivt som del av sin rasepropaganda.

SS-leder Heinrich Himmler hadde en spesiell interesse for Norge og norsk kultur.

Emmanuel Decaux, described in great detail the extensive human rights violations that were perpetrated during the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of those involved in the attempt.

“Enforced disappearances in prisons which the government of Turkmenistan does not acknowledge, are a gross human rights violation and a crime.

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