Dating while single and pregnant

Ok, there is a huge part of me that is protective and hates to see anyone go through anything horrible when I can help. I get to share in all the emotional development, the highs and lows, of going through pregnancy - and in the end I would get to be there as this new life gets introduced to the world. And if I can share in that just one little bit - then all the hormonal roller coasters that you guys talk about will be more than worth it.I understand that some if my reasoning may be a little irrational, but I guess sometimes its not alway easy to rationalise your feelings on certain subjects.There are some reasons why I want to date a pregnant lady, but I really don't want them to sound as patronising as they will sound.I hate the thought of anyone going through all this alone.

Good Luck x Morning - thanks so much for the replies.

I feel incredibly lonely especially knowing he can't bear to touch me when at this present time I want to be hugged and loved. Your 35 and have plenty of time to start a family of your own.

I will be 27 with a newborn and a 2.5 year old, what a great catch - not!

I'm sure not every pregnant women feels like me but as I said pregnancy is such a stressful time anyway I couldn't contemplate having the added pressure of a new partner.

Making sure I was perfectly made up, legs were shaved and constantly in matching undies lol.

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