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I visited a friend last night and we played together (by the way he was willing to swap his Jeffries for the Traveler).From the perspective of a listener the low notes sounded much better balanced than when I was playing... Thanks for making such a wonderful instrument and sending it out into the world.It is light in weight, rich in tone, fast in action, has a wide dynamic range, a true concertina sound and it is beautifully and meticulously finished.As a professional musician and music teacher, I highly recommend Wim's instruments. C to be somewhat overpowering in certain situations.Once I got used to this I found I was making fewer mistakes when I played the Wakker because I don't tend to "stumble" on adjacent buttons as much.The button mechanism on the Wakker is almost completely silent but the leather straps squeak to the point of being distracting.We feel that the only way to experience our concertinas is by actually playing one, not listening to a sound file.Because of the limitations of most sound systems, 'wrong' control settings, etc., sound files can only give a vague impression at best.

i did not get enough chance to feel and compare the resistance and tonal properties of the reeds as much as i would have liked.

The traveler offered anglo players in the USA a chance to try a standard Wakker concertina.

in the "Making of an anglo" section you can see how it was made.

The sound and feel of a Wakker concertina partly determined by the person that ordered the instrument.

The following testimonials are from players who tried our 2007 'traveler' anglo.

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i really thought the grain of the wood and the finish perfectly compliment each other. i liked the raised ends, which made me wonder why i would ever want flat ends!

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