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If not learned in childhood, the lack of this skill may make many relationships unnecessarily difficult.Many children don’t realize how much their appearance affects their social acceptance.These behaviors can become more prevalent with the added social pressures of high school.Giving and receiving compliments can be more difficult for kids than most adults realize.If the text is short or sounds snippy, then I will worry that I am wasting their time, that they are only answering me to be polite.

I assume that if something bad can happen, it will happen. That’s why I have so much trouble when it comes to dating.It’s hard to be optimistic when I have been through so many awkward moments, when I have embarrassed myself time and time again. I never flirt back, because I assume that people are, they will realize I am not worth having around and will run the other direction. By Holly Riordan for Thought Catalog If you like the post, share it!My anxiety makes me doubt my self-worth, which leads to doubting everyone around me. When someone tells me they love me, I don’t believe them. I can’t see why they would want anything to do with someone like me. For some students, taking drugs and alcohol is part of their social identity.They see these high-risk and illegal activities as a way to gain social acceptance.

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Social anxiety is common among children and can begin at any age.

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