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Not to be deterred by this temporary setback, the company soon manufactured a replacement machine and successfully delivered it to their customer and it was not long before they went into full time production of their revolutionary looms, ironically creating jobs for many of the former hand loom weavers who had tried so hard to stop their progress at the outset.

In 1867 Goerge Hattersley and Sons created a major breakthrough for the textile industry in the form of the "Dobby", a mechanical heald lifting device which allowed weaving of much more intricate patterns on any looms to which it was fitted.

Accurate knowledge of time of day is essential for navigation, and ships carried the most accurate marine chronometers available, although they did not keep perfect time.

A number of accurate audible or visible time signals were established in many seaport cities to enable navigators to set their chronometers.

Success continued for George Hattersley until the 1960's.

The gun is fired daily from the Lion Battery at Signal Hill.Where this is not available, a locally connected GPS receiver can precisely set the time using one of several software applications.One sort of public time signal is a striking clock.These were 36 inches in the reed space and single shuttle.In 1924 the first six shuttle, 40 inch reed space looms arrived in Stornoway and this type of loom was the most commonly used loom in the islands and is still in use today.

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Church bells or voices announcing hours of prayer gave way to automatically operated chimes on public clocks; however, audible signals (even signal guns) have limited range.

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  1. It was deemed to be relatively fast, agile and existed in two versions, one equipped with twin-turrets, both machine-gun armed (38 Type A ordered in 1931).