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The urban legend connects him to the Office of Strategic Services or the OSS.The OSS was the precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency.In 1939, several people reported seeing a strange half monkey, half man in Ojai, a small town about fifteen miles west of the Billiwhack Dairy. Sadly, the urban legend detailing Rubel's involvement with the OSS remains very suspect and one also has to be skeptical about the creature when combined with the fact that much of Rubel's family remained on the land after he died during World War II.Reports described the creature as the size of a twelve year old boy with gangly long arms and black fur. Catherine Loughboro complained that the monkey creature stole two of her chickens from her henhouse and a few weeks later, Mrs. Wouldn't members of his family have reported the rampaging monster by now?She had been born and raised at Rancho Camulos and stated that her father, August Rubel, had "instilled in her a sense of trust and stewardship over Rancho Camulos".

Referred to as the Billiwhack Monster, the creature has tormented mostly high school students from the Santa Paula High School.The same article reports that a woman who leased the land once had to hold off 43 monster seeking children with a shotgun until authorities arrived.The Billiwhack Dairy according to the legend is a decrepit ruin of what once was a state of the art, very advanced and modern dairy farm.his is one of those stories that so far I can only attribute to local urban legend dating back from World War II.As the story goes a tall muscular apelike humanoid with long claws, gray hair, and ram-like horns on the top of its head lurks around the area of Santa Paula in Ventura County.

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