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If not, his hidden intentions will become your eminent heartbreak. Make sure ‘what you want’ is defined, before you give a man your time, else he’ll assume you’re down to be his side chick #9.

Even the most manscaped guy in a Brooks Brothers suit is a caveman at heart.There’s also a good chance that my food is horrible, and we’re both eating stuff we don’t really like to spare one another’s feelings. The ex never found out that was why I ended things—that I felt guilty about the cheating—and my current girlfriend doesn’t know about it either, even though we claim to tell each other everything.I don’t want her to think that I would ever cheat on her, or that she can’t trust me." "I’ll never tell my fianceé the number of girls I’ve slept with.I’m not going to tell her about it because I don’t think she’d react well to my being prepared to leave and never return, even though I assume I’d only have to use it on my own if she had died in a zombie attack or something." "I tell my lifelong best friend everything, even things my wife doesn’t know.My wife does not know that another person in this world knows things about me that she doesn’t, and I think she’d be jealous if she found out, but I think it’s necessary to have someone like him to confide in.

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“I haven’t given him any pussy & he’s admitted to having other chicks as fuck buddies. Use the ink of his honesty to paint a clear picture in your mind of the decision YOU want to make. Want to go out for a drink Saturday to talk business? If you refuse to sleep with them, they’ll tell everyone you slept with them for your career & rub your name in the dirt.

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