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This leaves Americans vulnerable to known threats, and may reduce their confidence in their government.

Although some Federal websites currently use HTTPS, there has not been a consistent policy in this area.

All year long, I’ve made a weekly book recommendation when kicking off the weekend open thread.

These aren’t work-related books; they’re just books I love and think everyone else should read.

A Spot of Bother, by Mark Haddon, a dryly hilarious account of a dysfunctional family, related by its stiff-upper-lip patriarch. Class snobbery, English countryside, and a scandal that a young woman is teaching Latin! It’s 13 short stories all linked by one character, and it unfolds so quietly that it takes you off-guard when you realize how absorbing it is. After her husband’s own public self-destruction, a woman discovers that she has a talent for getting others who need to repair their public images to apologize. I don’t know why I like send-ups of academia so much, but I do, I do. But somehow it injects its dark humor with heart, and you end up caring about most of them. You’ve probably figured out by now that I like dark and funny books about family dysfunction, and this memoir sits at the top of the heap of all of them. A love story between a Polish girl sent to San Francisco to escape the Holocaust and the son of a Japanese gardener who’s sent to an internment camp after Pearl Harbor. The Washington Post called it “an act of literary enchantment,” which seems right. I actually don’t know if I’m recommending this exactly, because I loved the first half but then felt like it spun out of control in the second half — but it did keep me completely engrossed the entire time and made me stay up way too late several nights in a row, and really, that’s what I want from a book. You wouldn’t think a book about a man sitting in his car to protect his parking space would be very interesting, but it is, oh, it is. This is by the guy who created Downton Abbey, and it is as Downton Abbey-esque a novel as you will find — haughty countesses, gossiping servants, questions of heir legitimacy, and more. It’s so good that I want to start all over from the beginning, and might. Basically, picture Jane Austen but in a magical universe. Hilarious family dysfunction and workplace snark — what more could you want? It’s about a 29-year-old widower, his dysfunctional family, and his climb back to life.

The efficiency and competiveness of organizations are increasingly dependent on the skills, knowledge and creativity of their workforce. When organizations face skills shortages or mismatches, their productivity and innovation suffer.

The majority of Federal websites use HTTP as the primary protocol to communicate over the public internet.

Unencrypted HTTP connections create a privacy vulnerability and expose potentially sensitive information about users of unencrypted Federal websites and services.

Senior Industry leaders will hold a high level panel to discuss how NATO and Nations can benefit from Industry experience in securing what is a strategic asset – the competition for tech talent.

The American people expect government websites to be secure and their interactions with those websites to be private.

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