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Now, everyone has heard of Bourbon Street, and it goes right through the middle of the French Quarter.But there is much more to it than that and my wife and I set about exploring the back streets checking out the unusual stores, bars, and shops.It was a “Columbian” which were manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio from about 1903 to 1925.They were the first anvils to be “Cast Steel” in one solid piece.She said that she and her husband had owned the shop for 57 years. She had no idea about where it came from except it came with the shop when they bought it 57 years ago!

(or made Eleiko as I hear they get their product from China now….). I plan to share what I learned and visit the shop again. My wife said, “Leave it to you to find something to lift in the French Quarter”. I have also looked from inspiration from things around me for my lifting.Then I noticed a shop door that said no customers in the shop. She graciously complied and it was like stepping back in time! It was not fixed to the stand and it was fairly easy, I would guess it around 150lbs.I then took some photos so I could learn more about it and promised to share that with her as she was curious herself!Some were “interesting” to say the least but I came across one place that was closed on that day that intrigued me. Sigles was a nondescript shop on Royal next to the Andrew Jackson Hotel.There is a story on the Jackson side of my family that we are related, but I can’t prove it.

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