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Unga Island is across a narrow strait from Sand Point.Unga is home to two ghost towns, the remains of one of Alaska’s largest gold mines, the Apollo, several other small gold and silver mines, a petrified forest, and wild cattle.

Near the museum is the 1825 Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Ascension.The white and green-trimmed Russian Orthodox Resurrection Cathedral dominates downtown.The Bulgarian Orthodox Church operates Monk’s Rock Coffeehouse and Bookstore with its eclectic array of gifts and snacks.The voyage ends at Dutch Harbor, port for the small city of Unalaska. 1 fishing port and you’ll spot busy crews preparing their vessels.Made famous by the reality show , there are pillbox fortifications everywhere from when the military was going to make a stand against the Japanese invasion of North America. The magnificent Grand Aleutian Hotel is legendary for its mammoth Wednesday seafood buffet.

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The Kodiak Rodeo and State Fair is held on Labor Day with competing cowboys from ranches across the island.

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