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Ask for her intercession – and comfort – in all parts of your life. Perhaps you feel you're aiming too high, or maybe you're aiming too low. on May 18, 2018 in Finding Love: The Scientific Take Gender differences are still prevalent when it comes to dating. on May 01, 2018 in In the Name of Love Both being sexy and being beautiful enhance romantic attraction. We take entire responsibility for the many important encounters that take place each.

on March 31, 2018 in The Attraction Doctor What are the pros-and-cons of taking an active versus passive role in dating? If they have become part of how you relate to each other, you will have significant problems sooner or later. Absence of adaptations for sperm competition indicates single-male mating, but more likely mild polygyny than monogamy. on April 22, 2018 in Out of the Ooze For women, beauty can be a curse as well as a blessing — it bestows undeniable advantages on those who possess it, but also paints a target squarely on their backs By Thomas Hills Ph. on April 13, 2018 in Statistical Life Why are there so many kinds of male mating strategies? Here's how we're being set up for failure — and what to do about it. on April 30, 2018 in How We Do It Humans are often seen as biologically primed for monogamy. on April 03, 2018 in Finding Love Sadly, our love lives are being hamstrung by a sneaky brand of modern stealth-sexism. Or, are they more attracted to prestigious men, who are well liked and respected by others? on March 31, 2018 in The Attraction Doctor Do women really favor dominant men, who take charge and lead?

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Now that you’ve taken a definitive step toward the Sacrament of Marriage, it’s important to delve into topics that will impact your lives together.

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