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There are also gay bars in Jakarta, the capital city. It’s best to meet locals via apps like Grindr to find out where the latest hang outs are.

At the moment, Apollo Bar Due to violent threats, the anti-pornographic laws and lack of police protection, most LGBT events in Indonesia are cancelled last minute.

As long as you’re discreet, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Joko’s only condition is he is kept anonymous, much like our article with Kaluu about gay Sri Lanka. My family do not know and very few of my friends do.Whilst homosexuality was legalised in 1993, sadly it looks like these anti-gay laws will be reinstated, just like they were in India in 2014.In addition, as with most countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has no laws to support the rights of its LGBT community and society remains largely conservative.At work I am out to a few people in my department, but I’m careful about who I tell. I was lucky to have a transgender neighbour growing up who lived with his partner. But I couldn’t define myself like him because I don’t wear women’s clothes all the time everywhere.Being out in the work place can negatively affect your career and employment opportunities, particularly government jobs. But for me, religion is about peace, doing good to others and acceptance of self. Whether I’m going to heaven or hell, let it be a secret between me and Him. I spent my childhood playing with mostly female friends and got bullied all the time for being a sissy/queer etc. Indonesian society is so sexually conservative anyway, that any form of open sexuality, regardless of your preference gets frowned on.

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