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Thankfully we've got the low-down on dating etiquette - when to text, what to message, when to selfie, when to add them on social media and all the other essentials - with some pro help from the experts at We all know that the i Phone has affected dating – long gone are weekly calls, dropping by ‘because you were in the area’ (you weren’t), and six-monthly letters delivered on horseback from men called things like Mr. These days you can swap hundreds of messages a day with someone you fancy, before you’ve even met them.

"My understanding is that bots are widespread in the industry, but they are no longer being used, and will not be used, at Avid Life Media and Ashley Madison," said Millership.And its Canadian-based parent company said it will no longer use female "bots" or automated programs that respond to members pretending to be women on the hunt for men.A statement Monday from Avid Life Media, the parent firm of Ashley Madison, announced "a new direction and total repositioning" of the service.Some media reports after last year's hack claimed that many of the female members on Ashley Madison were in fact bots that gave the impression there were more women on the site.Last year, a hacker group released what was said to be personal data on more than 30 million members of Ashley Madison.

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On the Ashley Madison website, the longtime slogan "Life is Short, Have an Affair" was gone, and replaced by an image of a modestly dressed woman and a button saying "See Your Matches." The retooled website says it is "more than an affair site." "Ashley Madison today is about so much more than infidelity, it's about all kinds of adult dating," the website says.

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